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Culinary & Artistic Culture

The Dan Lew Philosophy:

Our founder Dan Lew believes that fostering mutual understanding through shared cultural events incorporates all of the five senses. To that end, everything that Gravity Ohio does incorprates a related food and beverage experience, associated music, visual imagery and a totally immersive experience for all in attendance.

Dan Lew

This photo of Dan Lew, taken by Brian J. Smith, first appeared in The Mansfield News Journal at the opening of Dan Lew Exchange-DLX,  formerly Café on Main, owned by Ed Pickens, May 24, 2018.

Gravity’s Three Core Pillars


culinary incubation

Culinary incubation

Formation of Partnerships with North Central State College, Madison, Mansfield and Pioneer Schools Culinary Education Departments.  Chef Dan Lew serves as guest educator.

Kobacker Takeovers!  Students use DLX kitchen to create menu, prepare food and serve to family, friends and other guests. Proceeds after expenses go to the Dan Lew culinary scholarship fund for students who wish to pursue a career in the culinary arts

Farm To Face  Partnership with NECIC’s Urban Farm and Other Local Food Purveyors to Create Unique Dining and Cultural Experiences


The Arts:

Featured at the Kobacker Room, Tito’s, and other indoor galleries, as well as public outdoor murals, events, and festivals, promote all of the arts.

Local and regional dance performances:

  • ballet; modern and contemporary
  • hip-hop (street)
  • Latin; ballroom and social; and folk


  • Local and regional music performances
  • Memorializing LIVE musical performances of various genres to highlight the unique experiences and educate the public about the importance of live music.

Theater – Local and regional theatrical performances and presentations

Film – Promotion of local and regional films and viewing events


Community and Cultural Events

Gravity Ohio presents a series of lunch and dinner presentations with facilitated discussion on a once a quarter basis.

motivational speaker forum

The Up Close and Personal Series is offered to the public and provides the community with direct access to individuals who offer expertise in a variety of socio-cultural subject matters.

inspirational speaker forum

560 Club City Forums encourage significant and deep conversations
that promote empathetic and civil dialogue.

Our community

Who We Serve

The North Central Ohio population is 219,265 and breaks down as follows:


  • Richland County: 125,195
  • Ashland County: 52,316
  • Crawford County: 41,754
  • 88% Caucasian
  • 9% African American
  • 1% Hispanic
  • 2% Other

Census data gathered from Census.Gov


richland county ohio
ashland ohio
crawford county ohio

Our Values

Gravity Ohio believes that everyone speaks a unique language through their culture and their art.

To that end, Gravity Ohio supports art in all forms including but not limited to music, dance, theater, cinema, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, photography, multimedia art and the culinary arts.

Support is provided through grants, fundraising, sponsorships and private donations.

We could use your support

Tax Deductible Donations:

Gravity Ohio is a non-profit community arts DEI program that is committed to creating a more just and equitable world through the arts. Donations made to Gravity Ohio are tax-deductible, and they help to support the organization’s programs and initiatives.


General operating fund

Recurring monthly donations with culinary thank yous


Arts Events

Sponsorship and VIP access

Culinary Incubation Projects

Exclusive Invitations to Special Events

560 Club City Forums


Community and Cultural Events